Barn Hill

“There’s a snake in the men’s toilet” the female care taker yelled to her husband, and turned to me to say “that makes two in two days”. I was trying not to smile as I watch her husband grab the shovel and walk over to the mens. A few minutes later he returned dumping the now dead snake by a tree “there that’ll do love” he said as he wandered away. A few seconds later she was up getting the shovel and throwing the dead snake in the bushes away from the reception area for new guests to arrive.

Yes there was something very different about our stay at Barn Hill. Barn Hill is an eco based park situated on Thangoo Station which is a working cattle station. The 10 klms of dirt road in are easy to do with three gates to open and close, but the views are very spectacular.

The beach was quiet to walk on each morning and the kids enjoyed playing in the surf and rock climbing, we also managed some time to play a game of bowls on the lawn bowling green.

Red winged parrot in Barn Hill.

Red winged parrot in Barn Hill.

Enjoying the surf.

Enjoying the surf.

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  1. Hi Elijah how’s it going E-day is on Thursday and I can’t WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sure I’m going to sell lots of stuff and get lots of E-dollars. I got your post card Elijah thanks so much I CAN’T WAIT FOR YOU TO RETURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I might call you soon I have to go now bye.

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