Broome- Day 2

Amelia all smiles at the Dentist.

Amelia all smiles at the Dentist.

School work was on the agenda today and we located the library and spent a couple of hours catching up. Elijah was happy as his book Battle of Rondo was there so we could all breathe easy.

After library we headed back to the park and had lunch and then a swim at the pool. I booked a trip to Cape Leveque for tomorrow so we had a few things to do.

Amelia had a big trip to the Dentist to fill in a dodgy tooth, which she enjoyed very much.

One response to “Broome- Day 2

  1. Hi everyone, it is getting closer to the school holidays but before that it is going to be E-day next week. Lucas is doing brownies with m&m’s on top- he can’t wait. Also, last week we went to the spring fair. There weren’t any rides only a pony ride and a jumping castle. Next thing I would like to tell you guys that years three to six did a circus concert. My class dressed up as clowns and there was lots of music and colour. But the best thing is that the circus Avalon is coming to Speers point park the first week of the school holiday which goes on every day for a week. There are three sessions- one at ten another session is at twelve and the last show is at three. Hope you are all having a fun time. We love your photos. Love from karla

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