Mary Pool

Relaxing at Mary Pool camp site.

Relaxing at Mary Pool camp site.

Mary Pool spacious, but not for some.

Mary Pool spacious, but not for some.

Ethical dilemma what does one do when driving along the road 40 klms past Halls Creek in the middle of the day and up ahead is a man wearing only red underwear that is half bunched up his bum, carrying a small suitcase in one hand and in the other is a large bottle of water?

I say drive on! After slowing down to do a quick risk assessment it was clear that this fellow had enough belongings to suffice. What do the say about those that walk in the midday sun?

Rosalee kept saying she wished that she had the camera ready to take his picture, but for me those white cheeks are unfortunately burnt into my memory so that no photo is required.

After this strange experience we made camp at Mary Pool and after setting up camp the guy in the big bus next to us said “I hope you don’t mind but I will be running me generator for a few hours”. We were off to a good start.

Later on I helped my doing some washing and was hanging the clothes out when the guy with the generator came out and said to me “whose a good girl then!”.

Well this put me in a good mood and I thought a few uncharitable thoughts about this old man, but I just grumbled to Rosalee.

The camp site was quite spacious but we ended up being surrounded and all our exits were closed by other campers. Oh well it’s lucky that we are not into early starts!

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