NSW 14 QLD 6- Oh What a Night

IMAG0995Game 1 2013, here I was deep inside enemy territory at Mission Beach Resort watching a great game of Rugby League. My expectations were low after seven long years, a good showing was worthy of a celebration, but there I was the only one smiling at the end of the night. As I walked into the bar and read the sign QLD and drunk the only two states to be in I knew that this was going to be an interesting night.

Anyway back to the game and after Paul Gallen punched Nate Myles in the head and was not sin binned, I had to hide my smile from the crowd in the bar. The tall young bloke near me decked out in a QLD origin playing gear right down to the socks was bellowing the three or four swear words that he knew directly at Paul Gallen and the referee all to no effect. At one point the local publican had to tell him that it was enough and he profusely apologised to all of us around, the 65 year old grandma sitting a few tables away reassured him that even though she learnt a few new words tonight his heart was in the right place.

Queenslander through and through I thought, but the best thing to happen all night was the full time siren and NSW had won. As I looked around and saw all the wet eyes in the crowd and heard some murmurings of revenge I knew that the sign was wrong there were three states that Queenslanders felt that night QLD, drunk, and depressed.

Bring on Game 2 and hopefully more misery for the Maroons.


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