Charters Towers and Macrossan Park

Me doing the sums at camp Macrossan.

Me doing the sums at camp Macrossan.

Marcella playing hide the ball with Dad in the dark

Marcella playing hide the ball with Dad in the dark

It was not surprising to anyone that we packed up very early to leave the town of Prairie. Charters Towers was the next big town on our journey and we needed to stock up on our supplies, we pulled up and parked in one of their car parks for caravans which are located in the middle of the road, quite strange but effective. Wondering around the street we saw all the old buildings including the stock exchange and a curiously odd named Natives Hall.

After a trip to Woolies and groceries on board we headed out of town to a free camp at Macrossan Park. Now this place is quite nice it has a large grassed area with the Burdekin river passing down below and flushing toilets and cold showers. Flushing toilets is like a 4 star hit for the kids. When we arrived there was a sign saying no swimming because of crocodiles, we were all excited by this maybe we would get our first croc sighting, but alas the sign is there to cover the locals just in case in the big wet a croc travels upstream. However none of us were keen to have a swim even though it was very hot.

It was here that we received some Grey Nomad love with three of our neighbours engaging in very long conversations with us on many occasions, our back neighbours Ray and Judy from Nowra got us and the kids playing a game called Finske, however not much more will be said about that because Rosalee won! It had been enjoyable until then.

We stayed two nights here and focussed on school work with the kids and knocked most of it off so that we could have one free day when we head in to Townsville.

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