Mt Isa and beyond

Art in the Info centre at Mt Isa.

Art in the Info centre at Mt Isa.

Bob Katter's office.

Bob Katter’s office.

Kids in the pan.

Kids in the pan.

The van was packed we were all ready to do a bit of shopping to restock the pantry, but as we arrived in Mt Isa we quickly worked out that there was NO Sunday shopping! We drove around town, aw Bob Katters electorate office and headed to the Info centre, here we were told that there was Sunday markets on at the Overlander. When we arrived we realised that this was ahotel/ function type centre and all the local markets were inside the building. Elijah was excited until he walked in and most of the stalls were the grandma type with knitted booties and home made relish or slices, we purchased some lunch and kept on driving.

Our next stop was Cloncurry where the shops were opened we bought some more supplies then headed to Julia Creek to free camp for the night. Julia Creek was a beautiful stop by a billabong and it was nice and green. During the night I heard a wild horse running around outside our van as Rosalee had left the outside light on the horse obviously wanted to get to the billabong for a drink, but wouldn’t whilst the light was on. I turned the light off and the horse had a drink and then took off.

One response to “Mt Isa and beyond

  1. Well, well, well my friends I have finally arrived to your blog…thanks to shannon who wrote on my FB- I thought I’ve been a very forgetful and unkind friend for not writing much (at all). I enjoyed reading your blog and loved the aboriginal art from Mt Isa. Thinking of you all.
    Hi, Lucas is on a pathfinders camp so he wont be responding to you. Anyway, the year fives went on there excursion to Bathurst (and Charlotte broke her foot so she couldn’t go). Also, Lucas has had a bleeding nose every month since January all the way to June. And it is Lucas’ birthday next week he is going to watch a basketball game with his friends and going to timezone as well.( I’m sure he would invite you if you guys were back in Newcastle.)BYEBYEBYEBYEBYEBYEBYEBYEBYEBYEBYEBYEBYEBY…..FROM KARLA

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