Mothers Day- Alice style

Sturts desert pea

Sturts desert pea

One of the best things about caravan parks is that they regularly do pancake breakfasts. The Macdonnell range park does them on Sundays. Yeay that means I get out of making them for Mothers Day!!

We headed down to get our pancakes with Mum in tow, we were all suitably impressed especially by the generous size of the pancakes, but also by the fact that you were encouraged to come back for seconds & thirds. In fact the record at the park is a man ate 14 pancakes and a woman 9. We all egged on mum to give it a shot to break the record, but she could only do 3 pancakes.

Mum’s present for the day was a cask of fresh water as she had been complaining about drinking water from our 20 litre drinking water tanks.

We took mum into the main shopping strip of Alice and looked around, Rosalee was so full from breakfast that she did not want any lunch, the rest of us had subways and then as I was leaving I noticed Gloria Jeans so we got her a large mango fruze with a slice of chocolate cake. Not surprisingly she regained her appetite and devoured both with the kids and I helping her drink her mango fruze.

Rosalee was approached by a local offering to sell her a piece of Aboriginal art for $50, it was very difficult to say no, but when another local intervened and told her to leave us alone we took our opportunity to get away.

The rest of the day was spent out at the park with the kids watching TV and chillaxing.

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