South Australia were here

Even this wood carving man wants to get out of Dartmoor.

Even this wood carving man wants to get out of Dartmoor.

The Camp’s 6 book has a tick for Fort O’Hare at Dartmoor, but when we drove in, it looked dodgearama. After quickly scanning my wife’s face of oh my dear are they the toilets, I quickly suggested that we continue over the border to Mt Gambier where we could get into the showground for $25 a night with showers and a nice toilet block. Or at least I hoped for a nice toilet block.

We had bought up big at Warrnambool on our way to Port Fairy and we had a stack of vegies and fruit, however as we drove closer to the border we saw big signs about the quarantine zone and need to dump all vegies, fruit and plants. Well we were in a pickle most of our vegetables and fruit were in the van with the bikes on top, we had some salad leaves and tomotoes in the car, so we decioded to bin those and hope that we copuld get through the state border.

As each kilometre we got closer to the border, we looked at each car coming the other way with apprehension was that a quarantine inspector??? Both Rosalee and I felt like we were drug smugglers did we look guilty? Could you tell by the way I drove? Or was the NSW licence plates a big enough tip off?

As we came near the border line I was conjuring an image of the Mexican? US border where cars are inspected and there is many inspectors, but there was nothing, but wait what is that flashing lights ahead is it a checking station…. Oh no….oh wait it’s just road works. Phew. Our blood pressure took a few hours to settle down.

With our illegal cargo on board we pulled into Mt Gambier showground and set up for the night, and yes the vegetables that we were carrying were on the menu. We pulled in to the local Woolies and bought certified Thompson Grapes from Menindee in NSW so that we could blend in with the locals.

South Australia were here and next time we will be prepared.

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  1. lol yes I think a lot of people get caught …. I remember when aunty Caty and I went to WA there was someone selling cheap strawberries about 3 k from the SA and WA boarder …… so I undestanding of your delima ……

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