Smoked choc-chip muffin

Choc-chip muffins.

Choc-chip muffins.

It was my turn to light the fire with the remaining three matches, I had soaked several balls of newspaper in more Aquim then was wise. However each time I struck a match the flame would disappera before it could ignite my flammable paper. I had a thought to use the gas burners in the caravan so I lit a soaked aqium ball of paper, placed inside an empty pizza shape box, and walked quicklt to the campfire which by this stage I had a burning inferno and dropped it on the campfire. The rest they say is history, that campfire took off like no tomorrow.

It is hard sometimes to seperate between genius, creativity and madness. In the case of jumping the shark, I suggested to Rosalee that we could make some more scones in the camp oven. Rosalee was concerned that she had no jam or cream for scones, came up with the idea of choc-chip muffins. I put the camp oven on some coals, but I may have had the fire burning too intensly for this delicate receipe. THe end reult was a number of not to bad looking muffins, with some burnt edges. However, it was on tasting that one could taste the smoked flavour throughout the muffin.

Amelia said it best when she said “Mum, I think from now on choc chip muffins should be cooked in the caravan oven”.

We all agreed,

One response to “Smoked choc-chip muffin

  1. lol….lol …. now that a funny story ….. sounding a little like what your mother would do Shannon…lol You just never know when that O’neill reasoning / madness will kick in lol liz xxxx

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