Wombat State Forrest

Marcella posing at our camp site.

Marcella posing at our camp site.

A more inclusive angle!

A more inclusive angle!

Firth Park

Firth Park

Sounds glamourious dosen’t it, well to be more specific we stayed at Firth Park in the Wombat State Forrest, past Bacchus Marsh on the way to Gisborne, really in the middle of NOWHERE!

Well there were two pit toilet blocks to choose from, an older more rustic and stinky type or a new whiz bang pit toilet with a very long drop which smelled well not like roses, but bearable one may say.

Now that we were here we unpacked and did the kids school work and with no where else to go or do the kids were focussed, and there wasn’t that much schooling to be done.

It started to rain later, but only enough so that the dirt turns to mud and then you walk outside and come in again bringing mud with you, that kind of annoying rain.

In between rain showers we decided to go on a walk and we headed off with Marcella and Amelia in the lead, Lilianna and Rosalee in the middle and me following behind whilst I kept an eye on Elijah who was acting like a teenager listening to his Ipod as he dawlded around. The walk was not that interesting except for the mud collected on clothes by Marcella, Lilianna and Amelia. On the walk back I somehow got stuck walking with Marcella who despite falling over several times, and constantly got her thongs stuck in the mud and had to be retreived (even though she was told to wear shoes) informed me that she needed to hold my hand as I was fat and would slip on the mud without her!

We even tried to light a fire, but with the rain everything was wet and out of the four campers there, it was us that were unable to light a fire. We were sure that tomorrow would be our day, although we did wish we had bought firelighters!

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