Free Camping here we come again!

Marcella and Amelia.

Marcella and Amelia.

After doing the sums, it was time to head to the hills and do some free camping again. The established budget of $30 per night was slightly battered after nearly 10 weeks on the road we were up to $32.60 cents per night. A serious discussion was held and despite that meaning that we were only less than $200 over our budget, free camping was called for.

I left the decision to choose our free camping option to Rosalee as you don’t want to be blamed when the pit toilet really is the pits.

Before we left our cabin at Ashley Gardens, the kids sat glued to the TV watching ABC 2 & 3 and Nickelodean as though they had never seen TV before. Gee whiz kids you watch a DVD everynight, get over it I thought, although even I found myself sitting staring and smiling as I watched the Little Princess, a Kung Fu Panda episode. Finally Rosalee arrived after doing the grocery shopping next door and we packed up and headed out…..but to where?

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