Rosalee’s awake for the ferry crossing- That’s no April Fools Joke!

The two butterflys!

The two butterflys!

Closer view.

Closer view.

Okay, I will admit it after the last ferry ride 6 weeks ago I was worried how I would go looking after the kids again for a whole 10 hours whilst my wife slept off her travelcalm drug wave. But wait what happened Rosalee reduced her drug intake by 400% and not only stayed awake, but was able to walk around the boat without getting lost!

Having Rosalee firing on 4 cylinders was an added boost for the trip, I had purchased the Spy Kids DVD containing movies 1,2 & 3 and had more snacks than a vending machine which eben then made it tolerable excursion for all.

It does not matter how much stuff you bring or what activities are on offer such as face painting by 2pm you are over the boat and endlessly count down until you dock at 7pm another 5 hours away.

For my two cents leave the car at home, fly and hire. It just makes more sense. Or take a few travelcalms you won’t miss much.

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