When the Moon hits the sky like a big piece of Pie it’s Easter!

The fire I was in charge of.... Oh my.

The fire I was in charge of…. Oh my.

Big moon!

Big moon!

Bigger moon.

Bigger moon.

It was Friday night and the moon was into it’s second or third night of the full moon phase. Any way the moon was big and bright and despite the best efforts of my wife or Mr T no one seemed able to capture the spectacle on camera well enough, but I have decided to blog these.

Of more concern to me was that the camp caretaker/ arsonist had left me in charge of the fires that he set and at one point during the night it appeared that one of the said fires was getting bigger than it should. As a responsible fire safety warden as I am I decided that the best thing to do was go to bed as I was certain that the caravan was safe, the rest of the campgrounds might be burned down, but how or why would I be responsible for that!

As Seargeant Shulz once put it I know nothing, nothing…

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