Devonport again my old friend

Elijah cooking his scone in the fire.

Elijah cooking his scone in the fire.

Sitting in Devonport library.

Sitting in Devonport library.

Amelia and Lilianna roasting marshmellows,

Amelia and Lilianna roasting marshmellows,

After a week without washing our clothes it was a cheery site to see our camp at Devonport. I was slightly apprehensive as for the past two days I had been trying to contact Wendy at the Conference office, but there was no answer. On our arrival there was a car parked at the office I strolled over there to find the conference president in attendance. Our lucky day, Darren opened up the toilets and laundary for us so that we could shower and wash our clothes.

We spent the day doing the mundane, but very important jobs of washing and cleaning, we did around 13 loads of washing over 2 days, but after 6 weeks with the same sheetd they were due for a wash.

Mick the camp caretaker was doing a burn off of wood that was lying around the camp, he informed us that we could cook some marshmellows for the kids later in the day. We headed into Devonport to get our supplies and bought a big bag of marshmellows. When we got back the fire was just coals so we gathered some more sticks of wood and started the fire up again and toasted our marshmellows. Rosalee made up a batch of scones and we used the camp oven that Nana had given us to cook in the coals. The scones turned out well, and we ate them with raspberry jam and cream. Rosalee always the perfectionist reckons next time she would take them off a bit earlier, but the tasted pretty good the way they were.

Libraries are becoming a great friend of ours and we spent some time in the Devonport library, reading magazines, books, playing with toys. There is so much for the kids to do that mum and dad can just sit back and relax.

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