Whats up Down Under! What’s the name of your TV show again?

It was an early morning at Cradle Mountain or at least 9:30 am, which is early when you have been on holidays for 2 months, and I heard voice saying yeah their just filming in the kitchen. As I was still dressed in my pyjamma’s I decided to stay away, a little later once dressed in my camping outfit of shorts and jacket I was standing talking to Rosalee and a couple of blokes came over and asked if I would like to be filmed to go on Nissan’s website.

One of the reporters of the show What’s Up Down Under interviewed me about my Patrol, which I said very nice things although it would be obvious for my regular blog readers to know that on a previous blog I had stated that I was not that happy with Nissan.

The interviewer asked me a range of questions about the Patrol and asked at one point do the kids like to drive the car, I joked back that the kids were too young to drive! The producer agreed at the end that was a stupid question to ask, but we will see if gets on the interview.

Anyway it will probably go on Nissan’s website in 4-6 weeks according to one of the TV show producers, so there you go, you may yet see me on the internet!

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