Cradle Mountain- Clear and Sunny

Kids at the top near Marions Lookout.

Kids at the top near Marions Lookout.

Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake.

Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake.

Happy family.

Happy family.

THe boat shed- Dove Lake.

THe boat shed- Dove Lake.

As it was Monday and a school day we spent the morning by the fires doing school work until lunchtime. Rosalee pulled together the last of our food and we had shoestring chips and chocolate piklets for lunch.

We wandered over to the visitor centre and caught the bus to Dove Lake, apparently the road had just reopened and there were a lot of walkers who had walked from the visitors centre to Dove Lake, so we had not wasted the morning with school work.

Rosalee was very happy to have clear skies and fresh air that existed in oodles, the sky was clear with only a few clouds in the sky. One day Rosalee and I will do the overland track to Lake St Clair.

We went for a walk around Dove Lake and up to Marions Lookout, I was stuck carrying all the coats, jumpers, cameras and Marcella which made going quite slow. I understand that Rosalee and the other kids got quite high into the mountain area, Marecella nad I got pretty high, but she kept picking up stones for mobile phones, or refusing to walk so it was SLOW.

After around 2 hours we made it back to Dove Lake car park and headed back on the bus to the Visitors Centre, it was a lovely day and so nice to come back to a fire, which was out. However, Elijah lighted his first fire in Tasmania, then went over to the other fireplace and quickly lit his second.

2 responses to “Cradle Mountain- Clear and Sunny

  1. hi everyone….good to hear you did your school work first,,,,,hope you all are having a great time in tassie…lots to see and do….glad you are all getting involved in all the native animals and flora…will give you a ring on saturday,,,take care and stay safe….love and miss you all…nanna.monty,and mandy

  2. Wow guys looks like your having a great time exploring What an adventure ! We will keep watching as its something our family would love to do. God bless Ree drew Lucas Riley and Aunty Liz

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