Marakoopa Caves and Chudleigh Honey Shop

Kids at Chudleigh Honey Shop

Kids at Chudleigh Honey Shop

Inside Marakoopa caves.

Inside Marakoopa caves.

The Palm Tree- Marakoopa Caves.

The Palm Tree- Marakoopa Caves.

It was still raining and cloudy at Cradle Mountain so I decided to do a small side trip to Mole Creek to see the Marakoopa Caves. Rosalee suspecting that this would be a longer journey than I was telling her agreed to get out of the caravan for abit.

The drive to the caves was exceedingly longer than what I had planned and probably about what Rosalee expected. The mountain trail that we took involved going up and down Mt Round, around a few other Mountains and finally to Mole Creek a good hour later.

The guided caves were fantastic and glow worm show was superb the kids were enthralled with it all. The tour guide was fun and told us many interesting facts, he also involved our kids in things all the time so they were very engaged.

After this we realised we weren’t far from Chudleigh so we headed to the honey shop. This shop was really interesting and not only could you sample over 40 honeys, 4 nougarts, 4 spicy honeys, but you could see actual hives and the inside of a hive.

Lilianna who loves her honey was very happy and her and I decided on a normal tasting honey yellow gum which was delicious that we purchased. Rosalee purchased a present for her neice Ava as she knew it was her birthday.

All in all a good day except Rosalee had to face the drive back to Cradle Mountain, at least the sun was now out and shinning down nicely.

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