Cradle Mountain Discovery Park

Ranger doing her talk.

Ranger doing her talk.

Marcella patting dead devil.

Marcella patting dead devil.

Marcella with dead quoll.

Marcella with dead quoll.

All through the rain Rosalee was hoping that at Cradle Mountain there would be a lovely camp kitchen with a fire place to warm up beside. I thought she was dreaming, but not wanting to antogonise a woman who has spent the last three days locked up with her kids and husband, I said I am sure it will.

Well to my surprise it had two massive fire places and two kitchen cooking areas, it was really good to dry ourselves bu the fire. The showers were fantastic and after 3 days without a shower it was certainly great to keep hitting the green 5 minute timer to extend the shower.

On staurday night there was a discovery ranger doing a presentation on Tasmanian Devils and the kid’s all denjoyed this presentation, Marecella particularly liked patting the dead devil and roadkill quoll that the ranger presented. Elijah even dressed up as a devil, like he needed the costume!

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