Rain, rain go away

Rain at lake Burbury

Rain at lake Burbury

Wet camp site

Wet camp site

A long wet walk to the toilets

A long wet walk to the toilets

It started raining on Wednesday night and continued all day Thursday and Friday. 14 square metres of space is not much when you are cooped up together with continuos rain coming down outside. A trip to the toilet involved all the kids jumping into the car and being driven to the toilets. The ground was becoming very water logged and if you did go out on foot you would be lucky not to lose your shoe in the wet ground.
The one good thing was that there was a shelter and Elijah and I would do his school work there regularly turning on the gas BBQ gto get some heat as it was around 3 degrees with the rain and wind blowing into the shelter.

Friday at lunchtime it was decided that we needed to get out of there and we drove the 21 klm to Queenstown, I had to promise that I would take the hills down into Queenstown very slowly as Rosalee felt sick with the sharp turns. We found the local take away shop and ordered hot chips and brought some bread and sauce and had chip sandwiches. These were a real treat on a cold wet day.

Queenstown has a fantastic library and we spent the remiander of the day in the library, reading books and generally relaxing in the warmth and dryness of the library.

Tomorrow we would be moving on rail, hail or shine, my fingers were crossed for shine.

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