A difference a day makes

Beware Tiger Snake!

Beware Tiger Snake!



The sun shining on Cynthia Bay

The sun shining on Cynthia Bay

Who's hiding in the tree.

Who’s hiding in the tree.

The next day at Lake St Clair was sunny, the kids did really well in their school work and allowed us to go on a walk to watersmeet and platypus bay. On the way to Platypus Bay an english man with a red face came up to us with a worried look asking if we were going to Platypus Bay. I answered that we were he said that there was several black snakes at the waters edge and that I shouldn’t go there with the kids, I said no worries we will be careful. He stated be very careful!

I thought to myself well we will keep an eye out, but English people are always a bit odd when it comes to snakes and storms, as we eventually arrived at Platypus Bay at the end of the boardwalk there was a tiger snake slithering across the sand. I pointed it out to the kid’s and we decided that we would turn around and go back. Despite being less than 1 metre from the snake Marcella took almost 5 minutes before she could see it!

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