Ten reasons why I am not a school teacher…..

What an exceedingly frustrating morning supervising Elijah with his school work. At one point in this session I had to walk out of the caravan and calm down.

Eventually we decided that enough was enough and rather than continue banging heads, it was time to do some father and son stuff.

We went down to the Lake and walked around and started playing games by jumping on rocks that went out into the water and pretending that the water was poison acid. This was good fun for us both and even more hilarious when Elijah fell into the poison acid and his old man did not.

Whilst we were down here we perceived a rather large rainbow trout in the lake, Elijah wanted to go fishing, but I was not sure that you could in the Lake as everyone was enjoying the wilderness aspect of the area. The last thing I wanted was for the ranger to come down and chat to us about it. Pity though, opportunity lost.

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