Wind, wind and more wind

Wind at the Neck

Wind at the Neck

Penguin kids.

Penguin kids.

More penguins

More penguins

The day began with the sound of the bedflys rustling up and down, which was the tell tale sound that the wind had picked up. After another day at school we headed for some tourist things to do with the travelling T’s. We headed to the berry farm, but again no berries to pick! What is it about these berry farms.

We then headed to the fudge and chocolate factory, but this time there was no factory!!! Only a shop selling the products, oh my. We had to settle our dissapointment with several slabs of fudge dark chocolate, caramel, and choc orange. The kids took turns being penguins whilst we happily chatted with Mr & Mrs T.

As it was windy we thought that it was an opportunistic time to climb to the viewing platform at the neck. The boys had a great time leaning into the wind, poor Marcella almost got blown off.

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