Adventures at Adventure Bay

White wallaby

White wallaby

Adventure Bay

Adventure Bay

Rosalee got up early and went for a jog on her way she saw the famous Bruny Island white/albino wallaby. Later when the rest of us got up and did the kids school work, we headed to the beach as it was a lovely 30 degree day. On the beach there were many jelly fish washed up on the shore so we headed to a quiet inlet where the waves were not washing jelly fish onto the shore.

Here we saw lots of starfish and I played a game with each child of picking up a star fish and putting it back upside down to watch how long it took to turn over. Lilianna’s star fish took forever to turn over with Amelia’s the fastest. I also picked up a shell with a cranky herbit crab in it that almost tried to bite us!!

Later that afternoon the Travelling T’s arrived and I went fishing with Elijah, Isaac, Amelia and Marcella, we were gone for 2 hours but despite some small nibbles no luck. Although kids thought it was very funny when I cast a line over some power cables and quickly cut the line in case nylon was a conductor of electricity. It would be another great ditto for that song dumb ways to die.

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