The Queen’s Birthday

The Queen's Birthday Cake

The Queen’s Birthday Cake

Hobart waterfront

Hobart waterfront

Park at Hobart

Park at Hobart

Salamanca Shops

Salamanca Shops

It was the day that the Queen (aka Rosalee) celebrated her birthday, the children were told to be on their best behaviour as Dad needed to cook the pancakes for breakfast.

The preparation had been done strawberrys and blueberrys obtained from the famous Salamanca markets, ice cream was in the freezer, and chocolate Nutella at room temperature all awaited the Queen.

The breakfast celebration went smoothly and the Queen enjoyed her morning. No beheading was required of the chef!

Where we were staying at the Hobart Showgrounds they had a sunday market and we spent the morning browsing at the local trash & treasure stalls, the kids enjoyed these markets. Elijah purchased the Simpsons movie and was very happy with his purchase. Rosalee purchased some clothes and was equally happy with her purchases.

Around lunchtime we headed into Hobart and parked at the harbour and walked around the boats. It was here in Salamanca that we found the Fairey Shop and we all went inside except for Elijah who refused to go into this shop. The girls were all smiles and could not believe their eyes with all the fairy merchandise, they were extremely pleased when Dad said that they could purchase a crown each.

The Queen’s favourite food is pizza and Dad had noticed that there was an Italian restaurant and whilst mum was busy in a shop we looked at the menu and decided that this would be a great place for Mum’s birthday celebration.

After the birthday feast we walked around battery point and returned to our caravan, on the way we purchased the birthday cake, and at dinner time we were still full from lunch that we had cake and ice cream for dinner.

It was a great day and the Queen found it relaxing and enjoyable.

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