Valentines Day


Exploring rocks

Exploring rocks

Swimming holeWe were still in Wilson’s Promontory for Valentines Day and as per usual mum cooked us all pancakes to celebrate. We decided that we would have fish and chips at the Tidal River camp store for dinner as everything else was hugely expensive. We went for a swim at Normans Beach and the tide was out so far that you would walk 2 klm out to get your knees wet. On the way back we explored the river and found many caves and deep swimming holes that the kids enjoyed, and it made the day a very memorable and happy one for all. At night number 1 son and I went for a nature spotlight hike, and we were listening to sounds of wombat when he meekly informs me that there is a snake about 20 cm away from my thonged feet, and thankfully slithering off into the bush. I eventually regained my composure and we found a couple of wombats grazing in the grass.

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