School Work

Elijah's final artwork

Elijah creating artwork

Amelia's artwork

Liliannas artworkWhen I was planning the big trip around Oz I did not pay much attention to the impact that school work would have on our plans. The reality of completing the first installment of school work was a challenging task for us. Mum was busy with getting through a kidergarten assessment for number 3 kid, I was doing the school work with the other two, and number 4 was finding that she had the DVD all to herself for a period of time. I remember the dread on week 3 when I opened a pacakge for numbder 2 kid that I thought was a week long package, however reading the introduction found that it was a two week assessment, we busied ourselves and completed all work with one day to spare. We were very relieved, to say the least. The kids all had to do a art project on earth art and I have atatched there art works here.

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