Mount Oberon

KIds celebrating on top of Mt Oberon

Well deserved ice creams

Views from Mt OberonIt was Sunday and both Mum and Dad had gone for a jog/ walk around the Prom, but wanting to explore a bit more we convinced the kids to have a short walk and afterwards we would let them spend Number 1 child’s birthday moey on an ice cream.

This short walk involved walking up 3.8 klms to the top of Mount Oberon, the lady at the Information centre reassured us that even though it says 1-1.5 hours that she had done it in 45 mins.

I am starting to think that the people who work in Info centres are not that reliable.

We caught the bus to the drop off point and headed straight up, a gruelling and I mean gruelling 1hr 50 minutes later we were at the top. The views were great, but it was difficult made so by the fact that I had already done 9 klms that day.

Number 1 child was very unhappy with the walk and his face shows his unhapiness, however having said that he was the first up the mountain and down it as well.

From the top of Mount Oberon you can see clearly all around and it is a remarkable sight to behold.

And ice creams afterwards are a hit for everyone.

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