Mansfield and beyond

Creek at Mirimbah Rest AreaWe continued our adventure to visit Craigs Hut the hut from the legendary Man from Snowy River films, but to get there we headed out towards Mansfield and then out to the very small village of Mirimbah nestled before the junction to Mount Buller.

We decided to free camp here at the Mirimbah rest area which was a very quiet and isolated spot of the busy road and near a nice creek, however there were no toilet facilities. I went for a drive and a kilometre up the road was flushing toilets in a picnic area.

It was a hot day when we set up and we spent some time in the creek, however the March flys and general flies were so thick that we spent most of our time inside the van. Thankfully there was a lovely breeze coming into the windows to cool us down.

We decided to put on the DVD’s of Man of Snowy River for the kids to watch before heading to Craig’s Hut the next day.

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