Beechworth- Bakery’s nice but sweetshop better

Beechworth Sweet Co

Beechworth BakeryI had been informed by several trusted sources that the Beechworth bakery was well worth a stop. As we had briefly driven through Beechworth on our way to Myrtleford we decided to take the detour back to Beechworth to check out this bakery.

The bakery was very nice, and there steak pie was great, but we as a family enjoyed the sweetshop a few doors down from the bakery. The decorations inside this shop were amazing and all the girls became so excited about the beautiful fairy display in the shop. It was unfortunate that you were not able to take photos, we purchased a chocolate for all the kids and bought some chilli peanut brittle which meant that you could only eat small amounts at a time.

Beechworth is a great town for a stop off and even better we found $20 on the street outside the bank and after taking it inside and speaking with the bank teller who informed me that their ATM did not stock $20. As there was no one around the street, we were left with an extra $20 that more than covered our pie and sweet purchases.

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