Wallaces Hut

Tree huggers

Alpine Snow Gums

Wallaces Hut and my backpackWith our good friends the travelling T’s we decided to head to Wallaces Hut on the Bogong High Plains just above Falls Creek. I had wanted to get to Dargo, but because of the bushfires we were unable to get down there, however Wallaces Hut was a great place to go.

We travelled in convoy style with our UHF’s handy on my favourite channel 51 (no one ever uses this one), I regalled Mr T with the varying increases in elevation and he likewise was measuring the decrease in temperature as we climbed or more accurately chased ourselves silly around the mountains. This eventually led to bouts of “I don’t feel so well”, can we stop I am going to be sick.

The last of these rounds always eventuated in us stopping to gain a few minutes of clean fresh Alpine air, before continuing on.

Eventually we arrived at our destination and we embarked after having our lunch on the short walk to Wallaces Hut (the kids were groaning as they had endured a 2 hour walk the previous day).

The beauty of the mountain and the trees regenerating after the bushfires of some years ago were very eerie and captivating.

The kids had a great time looking for different colour quartz rocks on the ground and the hut itself was a very fine piece of craftspersonship, which would be a real life saver for someone needing shelter.

We returned to Bright, and the descent took its toll on all our girls who were wiped out from the driving in circles on winding roads.

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