Ovens River at Bright

Getting warm after a swimThe Diving Board, BrightI have a friend who tells this very funny story of how his grandfather has always wanted to visit Bright, and my friend agrees to take him to Bright on the way back from Melbourne to Dubbo. However a serious of events occur where he misses Bright and ends up on the Omeo highway and can’t seem to find a turn off to Bright after the road turns to dirt and his grandmother in the back saying “I smell smoke” he turns back and gives up on finding Bright. To which his grandfather says you mean where not going to Bright, I have always wanted to visit Bright.

We set up camp in the Big 4 at Bright and had four wonderful days at bright swimming in the river, sliding down the free waterslide and jumping off the diving board. We also did numerous walks including cherry trail and canyon walk.

I can honestly say to my friend he has let his grandfather down Bright is a place that must be visited.

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